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Our Principles

We have ambitious goals. Our people play an important role in the success of our company with their know-how, capabilities, and enthusiasm. The principles of conduct we have set for ourselves guide both our thinking and our actions, and apply to each and every one of us.

Customers govern our actions
Our top priority is to provide outstanding value to our customers since our success ultimately depends on their satisfaction. We offer solutions that enable our customers to achieve their objectives quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Our innovations shape the future
We put new ideas to work, creating innovative financial services to benefit our customers. We encourage experimentation and imagination. Our creativity and willingness to take risks enable us to build an environment in which promising ideas can be quickly turned into successful solutions. We also promote and draw on one another's ideas.

Business success means
We win from profits. Competition is our benchmark. We work to achieve profits while striving for industry leadership and a steady increase in our economic value added. This gives us the entrepreneurial freedom we need and makes us a trusted partner. To ensure financial success we optimize time, quality, and cost in all our work

Excellent leadership fosters top results
Our managers set clear, ambitious, and inspiring goals. We always strive to surpass ourselves. If we don’t, others will. By leading on the basis of trust, we empower our people to make their own decisions. We demonstrate courage and conviction when introducing necessary changes. Our managers serve as role models in everything they do.

Learning is the key to continuous improvement
We always measure ourselves against the world’s best. Each of us strives to learn continuously. We welcome and offer open feedback, and even learn from our mistakes. We are quicker than others at identifying new opportunities, and adapting our solutions, organization, and our behavior accordingly. We are building an international network of knowledge in which everyone gives and takes.

Our cooperation has no limits
We are a global company that draws on our worldwide capabilities. This makes us the best team on the playing field. All our thoughts and actions stem from a sense of responsibility when it comes to achieving our common goal. Trust, personal integrity, mutual respect, and open communication characterize our cooperation.

Corporate citizenship is our global commitment
Our knowledge and solutions help create a better world. We are committed to protecting our environment. We are a respected corporate citizen in all countries in which we do business. We safeguard our people’s future through training and continuing education. Integrity guides our conduct toward our business partners, colleagues, shareholders, and the general public. Cultural differences enrich our organization.

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